The Fife Lomond Hills

I love Scotland. Sure, it has it’s ups and downs like any other place or just as life does itself. But I’m a firm believer that if you can try to see past all that and look for the good of what you have in front of you and around you, then you may be pleasantly surprised. Walking always helps to clear my mind, especially when changes are happening, and this walk through the Fife Lomond Hills with Lynne was just the ticket! 😀

East Lomond Falkland Hill

Lynne and I went walking in the Lomond Hills Regional Park on Saturday 1st November, when I took these photographs. Carrying our packed lunches (tuna mayo rolls made from my wholemeal rolls recipe naturally 😉 ) we started at 10am with no plan to rush, but just to enjoy ourselves on the first day of the month.

The Lomond Hills Regional Park Endomondo App Tracker Map

We tracked our progress through the Fife Lomond Hills with the Endomondo App which I was trialling and it was pretty good in recording our progress and giving all the times, calories burnt and distance details of the day. Those details are under the photographs below.

There were so many different shades of day, one minute bright sunshine, the next dark grey, threatening clouds…. it was amazing to be out appreciating that. 🙂

Lynnes Boots

Lynne bought a pair of brand new boots recently after finding out on Ben Lomond that you really do need proper footwear for this game.

Long road ahead to West Lomond

We start towards West Lomond on an old limekiln track. There is an entrance via the gate you can see on the left to some old Limekiln ruins. Stone was quarried in this area hundreds of years ago and transported on tracks like this to produce lime in these limekilns. West Lomond (our first hill) is in the distance.

Looking back on East Lomond (Falkland Hill)

As we walk further along the limekiln track and turn around a view back of East Lomond (Falkland Hill) is seen here.

Looking further back on East Lomond (Falkland Hill)

It’s about an hours walk from the car park at East Lomond to West Lomond, but the gradient is quite gentle so you do quite a bit of the climb in that hour. Looking back again at East Lomond.

North Fife Countryside and view of East Lomond (Falkland Hill)

Slightly further up from the previous view looking to the autumnal North Fife countryside.

Lynne towards West Lomond

Lynne striding ahead to West Lomond giving those new boots their proper run in 😉

Neil walking towards West Lomond

I suppose I had to allow Lynne to take my precious camera once!  🙂

Looking back towards East Lomond

Looking back again, we’ve covered quite a distance now from where we started.

Lynne begins to climb

Lynne still striding ahead, probably bored of hearing my walking / hill walking tales for the 100th time. Or maybe the fact I’ve taken about 40 pictures on our walk so far? 🙄

West Kilgour and Falkland Estate North view

Looking North towards West Kilgour and Falkland Estate. A welcome stop for our lunch!

Approaching West Lomond

The sky gets darker one minute and then really bright again the next, such a contrast of so many colours, every picture looks different. Compare this one above to the one below!

Before Climbing West Lomond

It’s hard to believe that the weather is still quite warm for the time of year. We had an average of 12 degrees C during the day. Normally for this time of year it should be a good 5 degrees colder. It just felt really cold as there was a blustery wind.

View of East Lomond climbing West Lomond

Now climbing West Lomond and looking back on East Lomond. You can see another mine for stone there for the limekilns.

Patch of sunlight on Falkland Estate

The sun shone at one point just in one place over Falkland Estate, like a halo shining down from above. I’m not sure if the photograph captures how entrancing that was….

First climb for the new boots. West Lomond

First climbing trials for Lynne’s the new boots!

The top is in sight West Lomond

Lynne is very glad that the top is in sight. Her new boots are getting all muddy! Awww! 😈

View from Top of West Lomond

View from the top of West Lomond. I wasn’t allowed to publish the picture of Lynne at the top due to her hair being blown about…….

Walk back to climb East Lomond

And so with us being done on West Lomond, it’s time to trek back and head up East Lomond!

1818 Marker

This old marker beside the track reads “WR 1818” it’s pretty weather worn. I researched it and read on somebody else’s blog that back in the day, Sir William Rae, a King’s Commissioner, had the job of surveying this land. By an act of Parliament in 1815. So this is a marker post from that time nearly 200 years ago!

Final climb up East Lomond

Final climb up East Lomond. Another muddy scramble for Lynne who by now has accepted that new boots are meant to get muddy!!

Lynne thumbs up top of East Lomond

And I do finally get a “thumbs up” from Lynne at the top of East Lomond (Falkland Hill)! 😀 You can see the North Sea in the background and St. Andrews is behind the distant hill.

So, according to the Endomondo App, we walked a total of 8.34 miles in just under 4 hours. And a total of 900 calories burnt. Considering that’s what the treadmill tells me I burn when I run for an hour, calorie wise, I think that’s pretty good going!

I’ve re-arranged my blog menu bar above, and added a new “Active Lifestyle” heading which, if you click on it will show our walking outings, active stuff and fitness related things that we like to do together, hopefully encouraging you too! It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise. This was a really enjoyable day out for both Lynne and I. We both worked up our appetites doing this walk and when we got back to Glasgow we enjoyed a steaming hot bowl of mussels with crusty bread. Awesome! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures! Comments welcome below.

Catch you next week, hopefully back Tuesday with a new recipe! 🙂


  1. GORGEOUS photographs!!

    • says:

      Hey Heather, thanks! I love your blog. 🙂

      Next time Lynne and I are take to these hills we hope to be running them! She’s just building up to that currently. Maybe next year…. 🙂

  2. I want to visit Scotland. It looks beautiful! And Lynne’s boots are cute!

    • says:

      And we would happily show you and Josh around, Erin 🙂

      We’ll get you matching boots to go with Lynne’s too 😀

  3. Wow – the Lomond Hills Regional Park is full of some G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. views! So breathtaking and peaceful! And I love your outlook on looking past the ups and downs of life to see the good-you are right indeed – it is often pleasantly surprising! 🙂
    I bet you and Lynne worked up an appetite – hiking in the cold always makes me hungry too!

    • says:

      You are so right Shashi, 🙂 one of the many great things about hiking in the cold IS the food after. 😀

      Doesn’t it just taste so much better and like you have well earned it? I think it’s the fresh air effect!

  4. That looks like a fun hike, Neil & Lynne! I enjoy looking at the photos of your lovely hills, and the description of your walks together. 🙂

    • says:

      Hey Deb, great to hear from you! 🙂

      I’m so enjoying practicing my photography and capturing the amazing country I live in. There’s lots more hills to come, especially now Lynne is totally up for walking. We already have a week booked staying in Glen Coe in March and there will be trips before that so watch this space! 😀

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