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For me, I need to get my exercise routine over and done with early, and preferably first thing in the morning. Why? Because for me, in the evening I am tired from my work and I just want to go home and have something nice for dinner and watch some TV (normally cooking programs). It also means, it’s done and I haven’t reached the end of the day, where I might be tempted to put it off, through being overly tired, or at the stage where I just can’t be bothered. As it gets later in the day, my enthusiasm generally declines. I know myself too well, it would be easy at 4.30pm to say “oh well I’ll just go tomorrow” and that probably wouldn’t happen.

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I’ve been on and off with the gym most of my life. It’s only in the last 5 years that I have really settled into this routine that I’m publicising here. It works for me and I’m sticking to it. I’m happy in my weight, body and the way I look at my life. Being this way helps me cope with whatever life should throw at me.

Anyway I digress, on gym days, before I leave the house in order to drive to the gym; I have a cup of green tea and a small pot of low fat probiotic yoghurt. This stops my tummy from rumbling at the gym, until I get my porridge for breakfast at 07:45. It’s enough to not give me any indigestion or problems as I do my routine below and it helps to start my day.

My Monday gym session starts at 06:00. Just as the gym opens its doors I am walking in. I have a 1 litre bottle of water with me, and it’s essential for me to have my iPod on so that I can block out the grunts of the guys doing their weightlifting routine and I can be motivated by my own selection of music. My routine is as follows.

20 minutes running on the treadmill with a 1% incline

3 x 15 reps abdominal crunches, increasing the weights for each set of reps.

3 x 10 Chin-ups, I do these after each set of 15 abdominal crunches.

4 x 15 reps leg curls, increasing the weights for each set of reps.

3 x 10 Chin-ups, I do these after each set of 15 leg curls.

20 minutes cross stepper. Hill climb program.

I love the 20 minutes on the cross stepper at the end when I switch the music on my iPod over so that I can catch up on the news on the radio. It’s at the end of my workout and I’m feeling really motivated for the day, plus I am about to head into a nice hot shower before starting the day, usually in a great mood!

You need to find a routine that is suitable to you, I’ve been doing mine, as I mention for 5 years and it just works for me. I’m not into being some kind of muscle man. For me it’s just about keeping within my weight range, body fat and feeling good about myself.

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