Summer Holiday In Cornwall

This post is all about our summer holiday in Cornwall. Great walks, picturesque little villages, white sandy beaches and lots of fresh air. Of course it wouldn’t be a summer holiday in Cornwall if you didn’t enjoy the odd Cornish cream tea too!

This post is all about our summer holiday in Cornwall. Great walks, picturesque little villages, white sandy beaches and lots of fresh air. And of course it wouldn't be a summer holiday in Cornwall if you didn't enjoy the odd Cornish cream tea!

Welcome to our recap of our summer holiday in Cornwall where Lady Lynne and I spent the first two weeks of September relaxing and spending some quality time together.

Just in case you’ve hopped on over here wondering what this is all about and why there’s no recipe here,  I publish these types of posts to show you how we spend our leisure time and enjoy an active lifestyle which is part of the 80:20 way I write about. There will be a new recipe on Thursday.

But for today, without further ado, let’s get started.

Summer Holiday in Cornwall – Ruthern Valley

Keeping everything low cost was on the agenda this year for our summer holiday in Cornwall and so we chose two camp sites, with camping pods, the first being at Ruthern Valley.

We had all our camping gear (folding beds, stove, cooking utensils, mini fridge etc.) with us and cooked every night, except for one.

You know, in hindsight folks, I probably should have named this post, or written a separate one called “how to have a low cost camping holiday” or something like that.

I could have included our camping menu. Our different frittata breakfasts or our one pot evening meals dissected to show you how we’re economising, even on holiday, to save for our Hawaii trip next year.

But hindsight’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Anyway, so using our first campsite as a base we were able to tour part of Cornwall and visit Padstow.

Summer holiday in Cornwall outside Rick Stein's Cook school Padstow

Now, above stands a man (me 🙂 ) who has been a huge fan of the chef Rick Stein for many years.

Rick started his culinary career in Padstow in 1975 and has since then become a famous celebrity chef with many successful business to his name.

One of those businesses is his cookery school also in Padstow, under where I’m standing.

Another is his famous Seafood Restaurant, the first business he started of which our summer holiday in Cornwall would not have been complete without a visit to and dinner there.

That was only time we ate out, on this holiday. Pricey, but worth it! And a tick off the bucket list!

Now, I highly recommend the monkfish goan curry and Lady Lynne recommends the fillet of hake en papillote with tomato and fennel 😉

Fishing boats in Padstow harbour seen on our summer holiday in Cornwall

There’s still a small fishing fleet within the harbour at Padstow, but most of the boats are for taking tourists out on sea “safaris” or private rod fishing.

Cornwall walk along the cliffs from Padstow

Cornwall is full of lots of fantastic cliff path walks and views of the sea.

We walked a mere handful of these walks, and definitely want to come back in the future to do more.

Cornwall The Camel Trail walk between Bodmin and Padstow

We’d driven to Padstow for our first visit and for dinner that same evening.

However, it was also possible to walk there, along an old railway line called “The Camel Trail” which was very near to our campsite and that’s how we made our return visit.

Summat holiday in Cornwall Grogley Halt on The Camel Trial walk between Bodmin and Padstow

The walk there and back was just over twenty miles in total and took us 7 hours round trip.

It was great to spend the day just walking through lots of woods, listening to nature and stretching our legs after having spent 3 days in the car.

Summer holiday in Cornwall walking along The Camel Trail through the village of Wadebridge.

On our return from Padstow we stopped in this village, Wadebridge.

It was an opportunity for me to sample a pint of local ale and Lynne, a cold glass of cyder. Cyder being another thing that Cornwall is well known for!

Summer holiday in Cornwall trip to Newquay view of Fistral beach

Although we saw our fair share of grey skies whilst on our summer holiday in Cornwall, all in all it remained reasonably dry.

It looks like it’s raining in Newquay (above), it wasn’t it was just windy and grey as we watched the surfers.

Our worst day for rain was just one day where it rained solid. We took the car that day and had a tour of Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm where Lynne enjoyed more cyder and I had my first Cornish cream tea. 🙂

Summer Holiday in Cornwall – Tollgate Farm

After 5 days spent at Ruthern Valley we drove a short distance down the coast to our next camping pod at Tollgate Farm,

Tollgate farm was only an hours drive away, which was good as it meant rather than driving all day to get to the place, we could do some more touring.

Before arriving at our new camping pod home we drove to the nearby and walkable village of Perranporth.

Perranporth is a surfers paradise, and later on, as you’ll see has those beautiful white sandy beaches that I mentioned in the intro.

Summer holiday in Cornwall at our new camping pod, Tollgate Farm, Perranporth.

Our first camping pod in Ruthern Valley was excellent. It was situated in a wood, peaceful and tranquil with basic facilities inside (an electric socket and a lamp).

The next campsite, Tollgate farm was on the coast.

And, this time we had a LUXURY camping pod (above) that had a bed settee, microwave, kettle and TV in it. To say I loved this place was an understatement.

Plus the Wi-fi was so good that you could watch movies on it! Obviously that wasn’t what we were on holiday for though…….. 😉

Cornwall, Launceston Steam Railway

An hours drive away from Tollgate farm was the Launceston Steam Railway.

Naturally, ANY steam or heritage type railway line is something that I have to investigate whenever I’m on holiday. I’ve always been obsessed with the railways since I was little!

Cornwall, Launceston Steam Railway

The main line railway from London to Launceston closed in 1966 and later a group of railway enthusiasts bought the grounds and old trackbed to establish this narrow gauge railway as a tourist attraction.

Originally it started out with only half a mile of track but has now has been extended to two and a half miles and it’s a worthwhile trip through some classic Cornwall countryside.

Cornwall, Launceston Steam Railway Lillian Narrow Gauge Steam Engine.

They’ve got four of these little narrow gauge engines.

This one above, Lilian was one of many such engines that used to haul quarry stones and slate around in the 1800’s.

No Summer Holiday in Cornwall is complete without a Cornish Cream Tea, this one from the Launceston Steam Railway.

And then there’s the fantastic Cornish cream teas that the little cafe at the railway makes, my second! 🙂

Delicious home made scones with fresh strawberry jam and a dollop (or “gert” as they call it in Cornwall) of clotted cream. With a refreshing pot of tea. Fantastic!

Summer holiday in Cornwall walking along the beach at Perranporth

Our final days were spent relaxing and walking up and down those long white sand beaches which Cornwall is so famous far.

On that particular walk above we were joined by a Royal Naval helicopter on manoeuvres. That’s the dot above Lynne’s head. The area to the right being Ministry of Defence property.

Very entertaining to watch!

Fresh water spring Perranporth

We found this natural fresh water spring at the end of one of the beach walks, just at the food of the cliffs.

There looked like there were some interesting caves you could have once explorer which is where Lynne is headed, but there were closed by padlocked gates.

Perhaps these were once caves where smugglers would have hidden valuable items like brandy or tea, to avoid paying taxes!

Spending my summer holiday in Cornwall relaxing walking along the long white sandy beach at Perranporth

Ha ha, the chilled unshaven holiday look of yours truly!

In fact in many of the other “rare” photographs of me here on the blog I’m probably wearing roughly the same outdoor gear.

Well, us Taureans love nature and the outdoors don’t you know?

Just chilling! Summer holiday in cornwall

Then there’s Lynne.

As a Sagittarius apparently they’re full of energy and life. Perhaps not at this moment. 😆

Anyway, I don’t know if you believe in that sort of stuff. Someone mentioned those traits to me at one time!

A view of Perranporth beach where we spent our Summer holiday in Cornwall

Looking along the beach we walked on, from the cliffs just above Perranporth, you get this stunning view.

Unfortunately, this day, the waves weren’t particularly high enough for the surfers, which are the bodies of people you see to the right.

But, they’re braver than me and Lynne for embracing that sea temperature, albeit with a wet suit!

Summer holiday in Cornwall, walk along the cliffs view looking back at Perranporth

Finally, a view again of that beach in the penultimate photograph, but from further along a coastal path we got started on.

One that we’ll have to return to complete in the future……….

Folks, thanks for reading through all of this and joining Lynne and I on our summer holiday in Cornwall highlights, which we hope you enjoyed!

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to live a happier, more fulfilling life by following the 80:20 way too.

For us, life isn’t about having lots of things or excessive wealth. Those things don’t make make us happy. Happiness comes from new experiences such as this summer holiday in Cornwall not material objects.

To sign off you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve a new cheesecake pudding recipe coming for you on Thursday. A simple one that you can make in a glass. I hope you’ll join me then.

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  1. HASHTAG CAMPING POD. Did it have windows? I would imagine it would get quite dark. Also, those scones, talk about rise!
    Another stunning trip, and I love that you both are so econimical about the excursions–spending money in all the right places (though I am curious as to the nonluxury pods, lol).

    • says:

      Yeah the camping had a window at the back and patio doors at the front. The one in the photograph had a larger window at the back because you could open that to get a sea breeze. The one we were at first only had a very small window because it was in a forest and there were squirrels about and they could have got in!

      Those scones were AMAZING! In fact I don’t think I could live in Cornwall because I’d enjoy them so much and possibly become the size of a house. 😆

      The nonluxury pods really were nonluxury. A lamp and an electric socket. We took beds and everything else for that one.

  2. I so love yours and Lady Lynne’s life philosophy! I subscribe to the same one myself. I simply love how y’all are economizing even when y’all are on holiday so y’all can enjoy Hawaii next year!
    Neil, I’m always mesmerized by your travel photos – these are no exception – the views in each of them is stunning! And now I know what a ” Cornish cream tea” is – it isn’t just the tea – it’s a meal! So please disregard my other comment. Those scones look heavenly! And, even though am not a huge fan of camping, if I had a camping pod, i’d be game! 🙂

    • says:

      I’d love to be able to put the full size photographs up on the blog Shashi, because I think like me, you would just stare at them all day!

      But, the posts would never download with that size of image. 😆

      You would love Cornish Cream team. But come to Scotland and I’ll make you a traditional Scottish High Tea. That’s scones and plates of cakes. 🙂

      After our tent just about blowing away, which you’ll remember I wrote about in the Ben Nevis Weekend post? We decided camping pods were a safer and easier holiday accommodation option!

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