About Neil’s Healthy Meals

Are you tired of never ending diets and trying to maintain a consistent weight along with a happy, healthy lifestyle? Then this blog is for you!

Here, we’re all about quick healthy meals, healthier recipes and an active lifestyle, based on the 80/20 way.

about-me-neil-lockierThe 80/20 way is a simple guide where less is more. You focus on 20% (less) of the activities that you do in life, which will provide the majority 80% (more) of your outputs and overall happiness.

When it comes to food, switch that 80/20 rule around. For 80% of the time focus on healthier food and maintain a regular exercise routine. Then you can indulge the other 20% on what you fancy, without any adverse effect on your weight or health.

I’m passionate about cooking and creating healthier recipes. Neil’s Healthy Meals is where I share those recipes with you, to hopefully inspire you to take up the 80/20 lifestyle too.

GreatScottishRun2014Lady Lynne (my wife 🙂 ) and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. We both have busy daily lives and full time jobs. Lynne works in recruitment and I’m an IT Programme Manager and part-time food blogger. Lynne, as site editor, fully taste tests and checks all the recipes before I publish them here.

Although I’m not a qualified dietitian, I am a certified Nutritionist in Weight Management and have further studied online nutrition courses. I use online resources to measure the nutritional components of my cooking, which I publish here along with every recipe I prepare for you.

Lynne and I live the 80/20 way by keeping as active as much as possible. We have our regular weekly exercise routines, and love walking / hill walking together as often as we can and when our Scottish weather lets us do so. 😉

Zanzibar Spice Tour Neil and Lynne

Lynne has inspired and encouraged me to write this blog.

It all started when we returned from a holiday a number of years ago. She mentioned lovingly that I didn’t seem happy with my sluggish lifestyle and perhaps re-joining a gym, changing my diet and re-focusing my life might be the transformation I needed.

And it worked!

I lost 2 stone in weight and when Lynne also joined me on the 80:20 journey, she lost 5 stone!! Since then we’ve been successfully living and breathing the 80/20 healthy lifestyle without any diet fads and it works for both of us. Not only in terms of our balanced weight and health, but also in living a minimalist lifestyle saving for our futures and travelling the world.

This is the continual story. We’d love you to read on, subscribe, and live it with us. 🙂

What you’ll find on Neil’s Healthy Meals

Recipes – clearly demonstrated, visual, printable recipes and each with a full nutritional and calorie breakdown.

The 80/20 Way – we explain all about our 80:20 way of life. What it is,  how we follow it, and how you can follow it too.

Healthy Living – learn the FACTS about nutrition and understand the components of the food and nutrients your body needs and doesn’t need.

Active Lifestyle – our exercise routines, fun and photographs of our walking / hill walking in Scotland, plus holidays and outings with our families and friends. Keeping active is all part of living the 80/20 lifestyle.

Contact Me – Please use this form to contact me directly. If you would like to discuss advertising, sponsoring a post, recipe development, or have any feedback or questions I’d love to hear from you!

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We’re not here to tell you what to do, or to tell you how to lead your life. However if you’re unhappy with your weight and constant dieting, I assure you we were there once and we changed our lives for good by re-focusing and following the 80/20 way. It’s not a magic cure, just common sense, and it works.

Just as a final note, thank you for reading this! I need to put this bit down for legal reasons, please observe my disclaimer.

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