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Here in the healthy living section you can read all about the basics of understanding the fundamentals of nutrition for you and your family.

Here in the healthy living section you can read all about the basics of understanding the fundamentals of nutrition for you and your family.

For a start, have you ever thought about the fact that nowadays a large percentage of us spend the majority of our working lives sitting at our desks?

Whilst our brains may be pretty active, our bodies aren’t. We’re sitting for long periods of time, inactive and we’re putting our health at serious risk.

Whilst we can’t always have complete control over our working environments, I promise you, you CAN make changes towards a better, healthier, sustainable healthy living lifestyle. You CAN make changes to your life to become active and be more aware of what you’re eating, and, best of all you CAN still enjoy the many culinary and foodie treats that life has to offer through living by the 80:20 rule.

This blog is all about quick healthy meals, healthier recipes and a balanced, positive and active healthy lifestyle. Here I show you how I manage to balance working full time with cooking healthy unprocessed home-made food from scratch, having a weekly exercise routine and staying healthy. And happy.

My aim is to provide you with a resource where you can find healthier recipes for quick healthy meals. All of which are nutritious, low cost, family meals with easy to follow recipes. Many of which can be made in “bulk” and frozen to suit your busy working lifestyles.

All meals and recipes published here are ones that I have tried and tested several times, and if I didn’t believe you wouldn’t enjoy them, then they wouldn’t be here! I hope to show and inspire you how to lead a healthier and happier life with my diet, exercise and nutrition tips. It just takes the willingness to make this change and then it becomes routine and part of a healthy balanced life.

As I mentioned in my About Me page I study fitness and nutrition courses in my spare time. I have attained a Nutritionist in Weight Management certificate. This means I am sufficiently qualified to call myself a Nutritionist and can offer advice on nutrition, diet and weight management. I think this goes hand in hand with being able to promote my recipes as being “Low Fat” or “Healthy”. Readers of this blog can know with confidence that what I promote and write about comes from someone not only passionate to do so, but qualified to do so. Please read all my pages under the Healthy Living category to learn more and to support your own Healthy Living lifestyle.

  1. Nutrition
  2. The Food Groups
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. The Glycaemic Index
  5. Protein
  6. Fats
  7. Vitamins and Minerals
  8. Eating Out and Food Labelling
  9. Alcohol and Hydration
  10. Myths and Facts of Fad Diets
  11. Dietary supplements. What are they and do you need them?

It can be daunting setting up weekly meal planners (read my recipe post Home-made Granola for my personal weekly meal planner, below the recipe) and searching for healthy recipes in books and online to add to your food list. I hope that what I have compiled and am continually adding to here can help.

The best way to maintain body nourishment is to eat regularly, at least every 3 hours throughout the day. I aim to eat 5 small meal courses per day:-

1) 7.30 Breakfast (after gym or home workout)

2) 10.30 Mid-morning snack and fruit

3) 1.00 Lunch

4) 3.00 Afternoon snack and fruit

5) 6.00 Dinner

Pudding (at the weekend) 😀

You can see my recipes that I might have for each of the courses in my recipe menu:-

1) Hover over RECIPE INDEX

2) Hover over the Course

3) Select the category of that course you are interested in viewing 🙂


During the week, Monday to Friday, my wife and I will largely follow a menu of low calorie, low fat, low GI foods and recipes. I follow the eatwell plate recommendation in that each meal should have certain ratios of different types of foods. With more emphasis on the healthier options. All of which I am sharing in this blog and I am still experimenting and adding more new recipes and foods.

When it comes to the weekend, we like to have treats and I bake and make a pudding 🙂 and generally we won’t be so strict on ourselves. This method works. I lost 2 stones at the start when following this exercise and menu routine. My wife lost 3 stones!! But it’s about finding out what works for you. As with life, it’s a journey, and for us an extremely enjoyable, adventurous foody one! 😀

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