1) This blog is dedicated to my hobby and passion of pursuing a healthy lifestyle through an active exercise routine and a healthy diet. My objective is to inspire and offer my hints, tips, recipes and nutritional advice into how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2) My blog promotes the 80/20 principle whereby I believe, and so far am benefiting from, the fact that if you spend 80% of your time eating healthily and leading an active life, then you can afford to indulge for the other 20% with foody treats like cakes and puddings.

3) I use online resources to measure the calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate and other components of my cooking. I cannot be held responsible for mistakes in those calculations by using their information.

4) This blog / website is aimed at the adult general public and should not be used as an alternative to personally tailored advice given by your own doctor, nurse or dietitian.

5) As I hold a Nutritionist in Weight Management qualification, I can offer advice, if asked, on nutrition and weight management, just bear in mind 4) 🙂

6) If I feature any adverts on my blog, the purpose of those is to generate a revenue in order to sustain the day-to-day costs of hosting the blog, recipe ingredients, photographic equipment and materials and to cover my general overheads and day-to-day expenses.

7) If I talk about particular products on my blog, it does not necessarily mean I endorse them, merely that I perhaps use them in my daily life or recipes.

8) If I do endorse a particular product you may find links on my posts are amazon affiliate links because I love their service and no one can beat their prices.  I may also use other affiliate programs besides Amazon. When I use affiliate links I state it in the post, just before the actual links. By buying from any of those links I get a small commission (without this affecting the price you pay for it) this helps to keep my blog running the same reason for adverts as explained in 6).

9) If I feature links to external web sites in my blog I do so in line with the blog’s theme of an active healthy lifestyle and or/ web pages associated with that.

10) If you choose to enter your email address to follow my blog and receive my blog updates by email I can confirm that I do not and will never sell your email address details to any 3rd party. You have the right to unsubcribe at any time.

11 And finally! The blog represents my own personal opinions and my trials and errors in pursuing a happy, healthy lifestyle. Weight loss or changes in lifestyle do not happen overnight and can only happen one step at a time. I believe diets are just a fad. I live and breathe what I say and do here. But you are entirely welcome to, and I completely respect your own opinions if you disagree. Just don’t write them on my blog. Thank you 🙂