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Announcing my free Simple Soups eCookbook launch today for all new subscribers. 10 easy low calorie nourishing soup recipes to help promote weight loss and keep you full and satisfied.

Announcing my free simple soups eCookbook launch today for all new subscribers. 10 easy low calorie nourishing recipes to help promote weight loss and keep you full and satisfied.

Well folks, at last I finished it, my Simple Soups to Promote Weight Loss eCookbook. My very first eCookbook.

And you can have this absolutely free Simple Soups eCookbook just by subscribing to Neil’s Healthy Meals today.

Over the past few months I’ve been putting these soup recipes together as a handy collection for you to have in addition to all the soup recipes already published here.

That’s right, none of these are already published soup recipes, they are exclusive to you for subscribing!

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Why A Free Simple Soups eCookbook?

Swapping to a simple lunchtime soup instead of sandwiches for lunch was a major change in my diet and lifestyle a few years ago. That’s why I thought my first eCookbook would be a soups one.

Not only did it help me shift 2 stones of excess weight, but it brought about many other benefits too, such as :-

  • Helps to save money by making batches of soup with low cost ingredients in bulk and freezing it.
  • Saving time, especially during the week. as I pre-make my soups at the weekend.
  • Soup is scientifically proven to keep you fuller for longer because of it’s water content.
  • A packed lunch soup at work allows me more of my lunch hour for other things like reading rather than having to go out to the shops to purchase food.
  • Vegetable based soups (of which mine mostly are) are packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Often just one bowl of soup will provide the majority of our recommended nutrients with relatively few calories!

If you enjoy my free Simple Soups eCookbook then feel free to spread the word and share it with your friends and family.

Better still, why not send them a link to Neil’s Healthy Meals so that they can subscribe for themselves and enjoy all the other healthy recipes and 80/20 way of life too?

Plus on Thursday, I’ve got another “souper” healthy soup for you! 😉

The sweet potato garlic and chorizo soup was one that didn’t quite make it into the eCookbook as I’d already finished it and I thought 11 recipes instead of 10 would have been a bit odd too!

So, thanks again folks for supporting me.

You can always let me know what you think by giving me feedback in the comments below. Catch you Thursday! 😀

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  1. I’ve got French Onion Soup in the slow cooker right now 😀

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