Ok, so it goes without saying that in order to enjoy my passion of baking and cooking great healthy meals, I do have a weekly exercise routine that I follow fairly rigidly.

Time Fitness Gym

For me, in order to enjoy the foods that I love this has to be balanced with exercise and activity to keep me healthy.

I enjoy and pursue an active healthy lifestyle whenever I can and try to do something every week day. Weekends, if I get the opportunity, and the weather is good for it, I will try and get away to the Scottish hills to enjoy another of my hobbies, hillwalking.

I am currently a member of the Time Fitness Gym Glasgow (update Jan 2016 – this is now closed) which is in the same building as me at work, and my wife (Lynne) and I are members of The Glasgow Club Holywood, which is in walking distance of our house. Due to Lynne’s work schedule which often involves working away from home I’ll join her in this gym maybe only 1 – 2 times a week.

Generally, depending on my work commitments, which are that my scheduled work hours are from 8am to 4.30pm, I will follow this particular weekly pattern:-

Monday Gym 6.00am – 7.15am

Tuesday Pilates and Free Weights – 4.30am – 7.00am (I work from home this day)

Wednesday Gym 6.00am – 7.15am

Thursday Pilates and Free Weights – 4.30am – 7.00am (I work from home this day)

Friday Gym 6.00am – 7.15am

Saturday Walking / Hillwalking

Sunday Walking / Hillwalking

OK, so you may read the above and think “this guys a fitness fanatic” but I’m honestly not. I just try and incorporate exercise as much as possible into my week. If I can’t go to the gym on a Friday, or another of my other preferred gym days, because I’ve other work / home / holiday commitments, I don’t beat myself up about it. I might try and go on the Sunday. It’s about the balance!

I’ll write more about what each days exercise routine entails, be it either at the gym or at home, as I put this blog together. I’ll also write about the delicious healthy breakfasts I enjoy, whether I’m able to make something quickly at home, or if I’m at the gym, then in the office, what I’ll take with me to eat after, in my food bag.

I’d be interested to hear how anyone else does the same, to fit an exercise routine into their busy week, or if they have any comments on mine! 🙂

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