Friday Gym

This is my last gym session of the week, Friday gym. The weekend is upon me and I know when I get through my Friday gym routine, then the weekend can start properly!

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My neilshealthymeals blog is all about the balance between healthy living but still enjoying treats and all the other culinary delights that life has to offer. I wrote, and posted, my weekly exercise routine to emphasise that it goes hand in hand with my lifestyle.

This is the last in my postings regarding my weekly exercise routine. The rest of this blog will be focussing on my recipes, unless, of course, any of my exercise routine changes, or if I actually get out to do my other favourite exercise, hillwalking :-).

Like my Monday and Wednesday gym sessions, Friday gym starts at 06:00. My routine is as follows.

20 minutes running on the treadmill with a 1% incline

3 x 15 reps abdominal crunches, increasing the weights for each set of reps.

3 x 10 chin-ups, I do these after each set of 15 abdominal crunches.

4 x 15 reps leg press, increasing the weights for each set of reps.

20 minutes cross stepper. Hill climb program.

My Friday routine is quite similar to my Monday routine. Once I know I have completed a full week of my exercise routine then I know I can relax at the weekend and, within reason, eat what I want.

It’s very rare that I will visit the gym at the weekend. At the weekend I might have a day away hillwalking or have a walk somewhere with my wife, but both of these activities will likely end up at some wine or dinner place!

Remember it’s all about the balance. For me Exercise + a well-balanced diet = a great healthy life!

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