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I’ve just finished today’s Wednesday gym session. As I mentioned earlier in my “Exercise Blog” I go there from 06.00 – 07.15 each Wednesday and my routine this day is as simple as follows:-

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60 minutes running on the treadmill at speed 11.5 with no incline.

I love it. I put my iPod on with some kind of motivational music compilation that doesn’t need any changing and that keeps me going and motivated to run for the whole hour.

Of course it’s not easy to start off with, and even after 4 years of doing this nearly every Wednesday I find myself after the first 20 minutes hitting that barrier and pushing away all thoughts of giving up at that stage. As I cross the halfway mark at 30 minutes it does begin to get easier though. When I’m on my last 20 minutes I’m really enjoying it. Often when I reach the last 5 minutes, I’m so motivated that I’ll up the speed and really begin to pound the treadmill!

I try and concentrate on the music I’m listening to and the time passes more quickly. Today was a 1980’s compilation of electronic noise from my youth, such as The Human League and Ultravox, so tunes I know that I can concentrate on their lyrics and also conjure up good memories. I often listen to chart dance music type compilations too, although this isn’t really my thing, as I prefer bands, but it is motivational and keeps the rhythm going.

Prior to leaving for the gym on a Wednesday, I do have a Protein Shake, in which I mix a no fat probiotic yogurt. Although I’m constantly sipping my water throughout my run, I also feel the benefits of having had something in my stomach before. I do have this Protein Shake a good hour and half before commencing my run though, otherwise I would suffer indigestion.

It may not be your thing to run for an hour. But how about instead of the treadmill the cross-stepper, or even a long, fast-paced walk for an hour? It all adds up in the burning of calories and reducing body fat content. My run for an hour burns nearly 900 Calories. That’s half of what the guidelines say I should consume in a day. So it means that I certainly don’t feel guilty about having a slice of cake on Wednesdays at work, which coincide with me usually baking something similar for my work team and sharing it!

I picked up a book in a local supermarket the other day, one of these “change your life” type books where they discussed exercise and promoted running for at least 20 minutes a day. But, they slated running on a treadmill. I put the book back immediately. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running on a treadmill in the comfort and warmth of a gym. I’m not running through dog crap, as I would be outside, nor am I subject to the -2 degrees Celsius that it was outside this morning! Now I can understand that walking on a treadmill is pointless, but I feel that as long as you are exercising in some kind of way, daily, be it fast-paced walking or running outside then you’ve done part of the happy healthy lifestyle that I follow. If it works for me, it’ll work for you!

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