Raspberry Bircher Overnight Oats

For this raspberry bircher overnight oats recipe, fresh raspberries are combined with naturally sweet apple juice giving a wonderfully satisfying sweet taste that will have you smiling away at the start of your day.

For this raspberry bircher overnight oats recipe, fresh raspberries are combined with naturally sweet apple juice giving a wonderfully satisfying sweet taste that will have you smiling away at the start of your day.

Hey there! Well I hope you all had a great weekend!

Fresh Scottish raspberries are out and in our shops here right now!

So in celebration of these wonderful little juicy berries, I’m welcoming this raspberry Bircher overnight oats recipe as an addition to my family of breakfast oats recipes.

Of course if you’re reading this and it’s not that time of year, I’m sure your local supermarket will stock good quality raspberries from somewhere in the world and you’ll still be able to make this delicious breakfast recipe!

What works particularly well here is the soaking of the oats and raspberries, overnight, in the apple juice which combines perfectly to form a deliciously tangy oats base.

Then, in the morning, adding the freshly grated apple gives it a completely fresh, naturally sweet taste. The nuts add the “crunch” and a little spoonful of yogurt on top gives a beautifully creamy texture.

All in all this is one perfect healthy start to your day! 😀

For this raspberry bircher overnight oats recipe, fresh raspberries are combined with naturally sweet apple juice giving a wonderfully satisfying sweet taste that will have you smiling away at the start of your day.

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It’s always good to vary your breakfast from time to time.

I know that I can be a bit boring, a creature of habit sometimes, nearly always sticking to my classic porridge first thing in the morning.

So I have to create new dishes like this, to fire my breakfast imagination. Ones that make me excited to be looking forward to breakfast!

If you enjoyed this raspberry Bircher overnight oats recipe how about trying my other similar dishes like my classic Bircher muesli or my breakfast banana boost?

For this raspberry bircher overnight oats recipe, fresh raspberries are combined with naturally sweet apple juice giving a wonderfully satisfying sweet taste that will have you smiling away at the start of your day.

After A Breakfast Of Raspberry Bircher Overnight Oats – A Tour Of Glasgow Central Railway Station

I was not disappointed in any way by our tour of Glasgow Central Station on Saturday, which I mentioned in the mild beef curry recipe post.

Although we did not get on the roof to take in the view over the west of Glasgow, due to Network Rail carrying out essential maintenance, we got a thorough tour through all the catacombs and old storage tunnels as well as an excellent and in-depth history lesson covering the opening of the station in 1879 to now.

Glasgow Central Railway Station View Platform 10

Although I took my DSLR camera, there really wasn’t an opportunity to get it out of the bag what with climbing up and down staircases and navigating through narrow entranceways, so I’ll just give you some of the brief highlights of the history lesson, and a few mobile snaps I managed to take.

Glasgow Central Railway Station View Concourse

Glasgow Central Station is the busiest in Scotland, as well as being the busiest in Britain outside London, used by 35million people each year, some 1300+ train services go in and out of the station daily, going as far as the South West of England, Penzance.

The station’s glass roof is one of the world’s largest, with 48,000 panes in total.

At the turn of the 19th century women were not permitted to work in certain areas of the railway. But there are documented sightings of women, or rather ghost sightings of women from within the grain store. For years, station staff were too terrified to go into the grain store. There are still disused railway tunnels and old platforms underneath the station from that era that used to go to the North of the city. The trains at that time were steam trains. You can see the ingrained soot in the station walls above the old track bed in this photograph below.

Glasgow Central Railway Broomielaw Platforms

“Hello” Are there any ghosts down there?

A certain JFK made his first ever public address at Glasgow Central Station. The reason for this was JFK’s dad was the US ambassador to Britain at the time when in September 1939 the Athenia was sunk by a German U boat. JFK’s dad had to go and meet with the British government to discuss what the U.S. were going to do about this sinking, whilst JFK went to the Glasgow Central Station Hotel to meet and repatriate the American survivors of the sinking!

Ah, if only you knew how I could go on about this. But this is a food blog, not a Glasgow history blog. Although if that’s what you folks vote for in the survey then I could be doing some more of these!

For this raspberry bircher overnight oats recipe, fresh raspberries are combined with naturally sweet apple juice giving a wonderfully satisfying sweet taste that will have you smiling away at the start of your day.
Raspberry Bircher Overnight Oats
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Combine oats, apples, fresh raspberries and walnuts for this deliciously fresh raspberry Bircher overnight oats breakfast!
Course: Breakfast
Servings: 2
Calories: 343 kcal
Author: neil@neilshealthymeals.com
  • 80 g porridge oats
  • 120 g raspberries plus a few extra for topping
  • 180 ml pressed apple juice
  • 1 green apple grated
  • 20 g walnuts or pistachio nuts chopped
  • Greek no fat yogurt for topping
  1. Place the porridge and raspberries in a bowl. Pour over the apple juice and combine thoroughly.
  2. Cover the bowl and place in the fridge overnight to soak.
  3. In the morning remove the bowl from the fridge, add the grated apple and chopped nuts and combine thoroughly.
  4. Divide the combined oats mixture between two bowls, top with a few remaining raspberries and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

Nutrition Facts
Raspberry Bircher Overnight Oats
Amount Per Serving
Calories 343 Calories from Fat 89
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 9.9g 15%
Saturated Fat 1.2g 6%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 6.3mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 58.3g 19%
Dietary Fiber 11.2g 45%
Sugars 21.4g
Protein 9.3g 19%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 35%
Calcium 6%
Iron 16%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Until Thursday then, eat healthily, take care and I’ll speak to you then!

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  1. I add Apple Cider Vinegar to my oats, and I love them with raspberries–great minds think alike! Another thing that I go mad over? Beautiful buildings and the hidden parts of them. When I was in Rome with school (undergraduate) we got to go into the necropolis underneath St. Peter’s. It was simply amazing! Infrastructure of the urban and individual city senses is just incredible. You would die over the NYC subway system.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Desk Job Fitness: Combating Digital Eye Strain with e-Polette Glasses (Review)My Profile

    • neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

      Apple Cider Vinegar? That sounds delicious! I’ll need to see if that’s available in our local food store, yeah I could see how well that would go with the raspberries too.

      I thought you would like the little bit I wrote and the few pics I took about Glasgow Central Station. Yeah, you would spend hours and hours down there, under the station, like myself, just as I probably would in the NYC subway system studying the buildings! 😀

  2. These overnight oats sound great AND I absolutely love Scottish raspberries. Funny enough, I despised the raspberries at home. I legit wouldn’t eat them, but the ones here are so addicting. I think most of the fruit here is absolutely gorgeous. My mother-in-law says it’s the climate and the soil that makes everything so lush and balanced, but I don’t care about all that — I just like ’em! LOL Luke would love this recipe, and I’m trying to turn him on to the overnight oats instead of rushing about in the morning making them. He has been on a porridge kick the past week or so. Also, I love the history lesson and I’m in that station several days a week now too, and for how busy it is, it’s really well organized — especially compared to what I dealt with in NYC!
    Erin@BeetsPerMinute recently posted…5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New CityMy Profile

    • neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

      I know, we are SO lucky with the Scottish raspberries and the strawberries too, they are to die for aren’t they? A lot of them are grown around the Dundee / Perthshire areas where the soil is, as your mother-in-law quite rightly points out, there is perfect soil and growing conditions there. When I lived in Dundee, I actually used to go and pick the berries during summer and this was money I earned for holidays. I think now they bring over armies of folks from Europe to do this, or use machines.

      Good luck with your converting Luke! I hope he gets a chance to try out this recipe.

      There’s so much more to Glasgow Central that I could have written. There’s more of it being developed under the station to make it safe for future tours. Maybe I’ll save that for a future post! 😉

  3. yum overnight oats are the best!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Splash Pad FunMy Profile

    • neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

      Totally! Who wouldn’t want to get up in the morning to have their breakfast already made with the flavours beautifully marinated in the fridge, like in this recipe.

      Thanks Linz! 🙂

  4. Yum! Overnight oats are my favorite. These look so delicious with the fresh raspberries on top!

    • neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

      Thank you Liz, I couldn’t agree more! This recipe has re-fired up my imagination where a batch of whole new overnight oats recipes are forming!

  5. Loving your bircher muesli Neil. When I tried before I put the apple in the night before too, but now I see maybe I should put it in in the morning. I’ll try again! Always looking for new breakfast ideas and I take my breakfast to work with me, so it’s great to have something i can prepare in advance.
    Keep them coming 🙂

    • neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

      Hey Ellen, thank you. 🙂 So glad you are enjoying my bircher muesli recipe. I’m a huge fan of bircher muesli as well, so you can expect more recipes in this department for sure!

  6. Is your serving one American cup? It says 58 grams of carbs in one serving. I would like to know since this will be for soemone who is pre diabetic. It looks very good. Thank you for sharing!

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